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First and Last in a three-way contest - not last but not first

Cornwall narrowly lost to Devon in the annual three-way competition between the English Petanque Association's Kernow, Devon and Great Western regions, held at the Isca Centre in Exeter on Sunday 3 August 2014.

Devon's six triples notched up a total of 19 points during the event, chased by Cornwall's six teams with 17. Great Western, which only fielded three triples and a single player for a combined team, took 9 points.

The 16 teams initially played four leagues of four. Kernow 1 (Robert Herrick, Graeme Kirkham and Dave Piggin) won two of their three games, as did Kernow 3 (Barbara Brown, Lena Daddow and Pete Lynas) and Kernow 4 (Iain and Rae Argent, Roy Pemberton), 

Kernow 2 (Colin 'Boot' Booth, Barney Knapp and Pete Downing), Kernow 5 (Wendy Booker, Kate Herrick and Rosemary Piggin) and Kernow 6 (Ray Beresford, Paul Rundle and Susan Williamson) each won one game.

The top two teams in each league went through to a knockout main competition, bringing three Cornwall, three Devon and two Great Western triples to the quarter finals. All three Kernow teams won, with the result that Kernow 1 and Kernow 3 faced each other in the semi-finals, the result going to Kernow 1. In the other semi Rae, Iain and Roy of Kernow 4 put up a good fight against Devon 2 (Anne Barton, Peter Smith, John Thatcher), the result finally going to Devon. Fresh from this success, the Devon triple took the final relatively easily from Kernow 1.

The three Cornwall teams in the plate all lost in the quarter finals, with the plate final going to Devon 1, the Chudleigh Petanque Club team of John Baxter, Franck Depreaux and Thierry Hacq.

Overall it was a very enjoyable day of petanque - thanks and congratulations to John Thatcher, Marie Pegg and team for making it all run so smoothly.


Summer league update

After most teams have played three rounds of the Cornwall summer petanque league, Gordon Couch, Andrew Jarvis and Rod Walker, playing as the Artistes, hold a narrow lead, They have won four of the six triples games they have played and all three of their doubles and singles, giving a total of 10 wins overall.

Behind them with 8 wins are GDR (Graeme Kirkham, Dave and Rosemary Piggin); they have also won four triples but dropped one each of the doubles and singles. Also on 8 wins are 2+1 (Barbara Brown, Lena Daddow and Pete Lynas). They have three triples wins, two doubles and three singles.

TAPS (Terry Jones, Roy Pemberton, Simon Penna and Rob Sullivan) have won four triples, one doubles and two singles, to give them 7 wins. Behind them are Point, Shoot and PD (Colin 'Boot' Booth, Pete Downing and Barney Knapp), with 5 wins (three triples, two doubles), and the Bombardiers (Ruth Beresford, Sarah Jarvis and Arnaud Ruetsch), also with 5 wins (three triples, a doubles and a singles).

Rams (Wendy Booker, Peter Gliddon, Robert and Kate Herrick) have three wins and Talent Spotters (James Byers, Terry Downes and George Evans) have yet to score.

Two teams are still to play each other in round 3, and the result could bring a significant upset to the table. Ray Beresford, Paul Rundle and Susan Williamson (First Timers) have six wins (three triples, two doubles and a singles) from the two rounds they have played. A good win from their round 3 game against the Rising Sun (Andy, Iain, Katherine and Rae Argent) could put them into the top two or three places. Rising Sun currently have three wins (three triples) from their two matches and could also step up the table with a good win. The First Timers V Rising Sun match will be played at the Rising Sun, near Altarnun, on Saturday 9 August.


Cornwall Singles

Winner of the 2014 Cornwall Singles title is Roy Pemberton, of the Treleigh Arms Petanque Society (TAPS). This puts a new name on the trophy and breaks a run of repeated wins: Simon Penna of TAPS won in 2012 and 2013 and for three years before that the title was held by Steven Boyne.

Sixteen players took part in the competition, held at the Star Inn, St Day, on Sunday 1 June. The numbers meant that the rough and sloping 'outside' piste, next to the car park had to be used, which some players used to advantage and others found challenging.

After a league in the morning, the first round of the afternoon knockout games saw defeats for both the previous title holders, Steven Boyne losing to Roy Pemberton and Simon Penna to Kernow Playing Officer Andrew Jarvis (Vogue PC).

The semi-finalists were Pete 'PD' Downing (North Inn PC) and Roy, the latter winning 13-8, and Andrew and Colin 'Boot' Booth (North Inn PC), with Andrew winning this game 13-10. The final between Roy And Andrew - played on the outside piste - went to 13-6.

A playoff for third place was an all North Inn affair between PD and Boot, with Boot winning narrowly 13-11.

The plate competition was won by another North Inn player, Barney Knapp, with a 13-9 win against Rob Sullivan of TAPS.


Disappointing result from Cornwall - Devon event

After having won the annual Cornwall – Devon inter-region competition for the past two years, this year’s Cornwall squad went down by 19 wins to 11 against a stronger Devon team. The event was held at the Isca Centre in Exeter on Sunday 22 June. 

The original plan was to run the event over six rounds, with all teams playing each other, but time didn’t allow and a decision was made to end the competition after the fifth. 

None of the Cornwall teams won more than two games from the five played during the day. Five teams won two, with the smallest points differences being logged by team 3 (Colin ‘Boot’ Booth, Barney Knapp and Pete ‘PD’ Downing) and team 5 (Robert and Kate Herrick and Graeme Kirkham). Both won two games and ended with a points difference of -4. Pete Lynas, Lena Daddow and Barbara Brown (Cornwall 2) also won two and had a points difference of 5. 

Susan Williamson, Ray Beresford and Paul Rundle (team 6) won two and ended with -10; team 1 (Simon Penna, Hugh Appleton and Rob Sullivan) again had two wins and ended on -11. 

Cornwall’s team 4 was Roy Pemberton, Pete English and new player Terry Jones, the latter playing in his first inter-regional event. They won one game and finished with a points difference of -27.

The most successful Devon team was from the recently formed Chudleigh Petanque Club: Franck Depreaux (EPA Shooting Champion in 2011 and 2012), Thierry Hacq, John Baxter and Henry Pickett. They won all five of their games, including handing out a ‘fanny’ 13-0 defeat to a Cornwall team during the day.

Devon 4 (Stewart and Yvonne Brown and Joan Dixie) won four games, their only defeat coming from Cornwall 6, Susan, Ray and Paul. 

All of the Devon teams won at least two games, with their pointing on the Isca terrain being generally better than Cornwall’s. No doubt about it: Cornwall players really need to work on ‘reading’ the playing surface, choosing and playing to landing places, adjusting effectively if the first ball doesn’t do the job. Plenty to work on – must try harder!


Cornwall doubles 2014 - results

The final of this year's Cornwall regional doubles competition was an all Tregony Petanque Club event, with Pete Lynas and Paul Rundle playing Susan Williamson and Graeme Kirkham. Susan and Graeme cruised to an 11-2 lead and then . . . lost the plot (!), with Pete and Paul sharpening their pointing to come out winners 13-11.

In the semi-finals Pete and Paul beat Roy Pemberton and Terry Jones of the Treleigh Arms Petanque Society (TAPS) 13-9; Colin 'Boot' Booth and Barney Knapp of the North Inn PC, Pendeen, lost 13-8 to Susan and Graeme.

The Plate competition was won by Simon Penna and Rob Sullivan (TAPS), who beat Gordon Couch (Rising Sun PC) and Rod Walker (Vogue PC).

Only nine teams took part in the event, played at the Star Inn, St Day, on Sunday 18 May, a very disappointing turnout for a regional competition. 


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