Kernow Petanque

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Summer league update

After most teams have played three rounds of the Cornwall summer petanque league, Gordon Couch, Andrew Jarvis and Rod Walker, playing as the Artistes, hold a narrow lead, They have won four of the six triples games they have played and all three of their doubles and singles, giving a total of 10 wins overall.

Behind them with 8 wins are GDR (Graeme Kirkham, Dave and Rosemary Piggin); they have also won four triples but dropped one each of the doubles and singles. Also on 8 wins are 2+1 (Barbara Brown, Lena Daddow and Pete Lynas). They have three triples wins, two doubles and three singles.

TAPS (Terry Jones, Roy Pemberton, Simon Penna and Rob Sullivan) have won four triples, one doubles and two singles, to give them 7 wins. Behind them are Point, Shoot and PD (Colin 'Boot' Booth, Pete Downing and Barney Knapp), with 5 wins (three triples, two doubles), and the Bombardiers (Ruth Beresford, Sarah Jarvis and Arnaud Ruetsch), also with 5 wins (three triples, a doubles and a singles).

Rams (Wendy Booker, Peter Gliddon, Robert and Kate Herrick) have three wins and Talent Spotters (James Byers, Terry Downes and George Evans) have yet to score.

Two teams are still to play each other in round 3, and the result could bring a significant upset to the table. Ray Beresford, Paul Rundle and Susan Williamson (First Timers) have six wins (three triples, two doubles and a singles) from the two rounds they have played. A good win from their round 3 game against the Rising Sun (Andy, Iain, Katherine and Rae Argent) could put them into the top two or three places. Rising Sun currently have three wins (three triples) from their two matches and could also step up the table with a good win. The First Timers V Rising Sun match will be played at the Rising Sun, near Altarnun, on Saturday 9 August.


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