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Disappointing result from Devon trip

The annual Cornwall V Devon derby played on 24 April at the Isca Centre, Exeter, resulted in a narrow victory for the Devon region of the English Petanque Association.

Devon took 20 wins from the six rounds played, with Cornwall notching up 16. Three of the games were narrow defeats, however, with scores of 12-13, so the result could easily have gone the other way.

The best results of the day went to Kernow 6 (Lena Daddow, Sarah and Andrew Jarvis) and Kernow 1 (Colin 'Boot' Booth, Graeme Kirkham and Roy Pemberton). Both had four wins from six games, with Kernow 6's points difference of +14 putting them just ahead of Kernow 1 on +12.

Kernow 2 - Pete Lynas, Paul Rundle and Susan Williamson - had three wins (-5) and there were two wins each for Kernow 4 (Terry Jones, Andy Rose and Rob Sullivan), points difference -8, and Kernow 5 (Kate and Robert Herrick and 'guest' players Lesley and Costa Drakatos), -15.

Pete 'PD' Downing, Mark Hypponen and, making a very welcome return to the Cornwall squad after a long absence, David Lynas, took one win as Kernow 3 (-29).

The best Devon results were from Devon 1 - Franck Depreaux, Thierry Hacq and Rob Thomas - with six wins. However, two of these were close results 13-12 over Kernow 4 and Kernow 6.

Illness and last-minute commitments left the Cornwall squad two players short and thanks are due to Devon region's Lesley and Costa Drakatos for standing in at short notice. Thanks also to John Thatcher for umpiring and organising the day and to Isca PC for hosting the event.


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